All About Solving Dental Mysteries

Dr. James L. Gyuricza DDSPC is a dentist in Fairfax, Virginia. In this series of articles, he helps explain the reasons and causes behind certain types of dental pain.

Can Sinus Pain or Allergies Cause Teeth to Hurt?

Sinus pressure and allergies can lead to what feels like pain in the teeth. The upper back molars, especially, can become very sensitive during times when people are suffering from sinus infections.

When Will an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Become Infected?

Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected when they are not removed at the appropriate time, and the positioning of the tooth can also create nerve damage that can be painful in many cases.

Estimating the Lifespan of a Dental Crown

It can be nearly impossible for a dentist or a patient to accurately predict how long a particular crown is going to last. It's not uncommon, however, for a crown to last upward of 10 or 15 years.

How to Increase Comfort For Patients Getting Crowns

The key to increasing comfort for patients who are having dental work done is to make the experience as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Offering headphones and music, as well as a number of sedation techniques, can assist in this regard.

How to Replace Discolored Dental Restorations

In most cases, dull or discolored dental restorations will need to be replaced after a certain number of years. The most common way to replace these restorations is with bonding.